Herbst 2021

ISBN 978-3-8271-9139-7
Eberhard Michael Iba, Thomas L. Johnson

448 Seiten, Paperback
über 600 Abbildungen und mit Übersichtskarte der Deutschen Märchenstraße
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Eberhard Michael Iba, Thomas L. Johnson

The German Fairy Tale Landscape


Welcome to the remarkable German Fairy Tale Landscape

Ever since Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm began collecting and editing the Children’s and Household Tales two centuries ago, the route and the landscape it passes through have become increasingly infused with the magic of these tales that UNESCO has included in its World Heritage registry since 2005. Romantic in every sense of that word, the German Fairy Tale Route, founded in 1975, wends its way through the landscape of the Brothers Grimm from Hanau, their birthplace, on to Bremerhaven and Bremen, the destination of one of their most famous fairy tales, The Town Musicians of Bremen.

This new English language volume takes the reader to each of the 53 towns and cities of the German Fairy Tale Route plus Berlin and Göttingen, included in this volume because of the important role they played in the life and work of the Brothers Grimm. With hundreds of pictures, historical descriptions of each site plus informative sidebars, sightseeing tips and connections to the location’s fairy tales and legends, the more than 400 pages of this book include twelve of the most favorite Grimm fairy tales along with a wide selection of important legends and sagas. 

The idea is that this volume will help the reader discover this remarkable landscape with its beautiful rivers, hills and castle-covered hilltops amidst small towns and ancient cities filled with half-timbered houses, cathedrals, beautiful town halls, ancient ruins, famous spas, unusual museums, caves, mines, harbors and as many other things as the lively imagination needs to make the tales come to life. They do come to life many times each year in festivals and performances in the remarkable towns and cities of this magical landscape. 

Sit back and enjoy your trip through the wonders of the German Fairy Tale Landscape.

Eberhard Michael Iba, verheiratet und Vater von zwei erwachsenen Kindern, wurde 1948 in dem nordhessischen Dorf ...